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Candy Mania For Fun Entry II by ghost-eye Candy Mania For Fun Entry II by ghost-eye
Another "for fun" entry for the Seventh Sanctum Candy Mania contest. This time, the results I picked were Marzipan Funny Crackers, Orange Yumnuggets, and the star of the 'ad' - Astroecstasy. I also used the anthro mascot generator to come up with: "Peridot the koala - the innocent, green-coloured con-woman"

(how a con artist can manage being innocent as well presented a challenge - though it was rumored a lot that, back in the day when he worked as an apprentice chef in Lady Rampart's kitchens, Peridot's daddy pilfered a lot of ideas from some new candy lines she'd been working on, then using them in his own business without crediting her. He also got a good lawyer to befuddle Rampart out of pursuing the matter, as well as 'generously' handing the business over to his very trusting daughter the moment she came of age).

Nowadays, Peridot certainly won't listen to any negative talk regarding her father or his business activities, which in her mind have nothing wrong about them. As far as she's concerned if she believes hard enough everything's fine, then it really must be true. Just as it's also true that Cleopatra was queen of de-Nile)

Photoshop 2, sharpies & coloured pencils. And if you want to try your own:

:bulletblue: Astroecstasy:

Take one of those fizzy pastille lollies (i.e UFOs/Fruit Tingles), brush or thinly dip it in honey (or, possibly, marmalade), and then dip it again very thoroughly in a dish of space dust candy (It will keep most of it's crackle for at least two hours after being made. How Peridot makes her candies keep their crackle long enough for a decent shelf-life is a carefully guarded trade secret that her daddy "didn't" steal from Rampart. honest.).

:bulletblue: Marzipan Funny Crackers:

Dip a slice of marzipan in a dish of any sour-nugget candy (i.e nerds etc), press onto a plain rice cracker, then dip again in a dish of space dust candy.

:bulletblue: Orange Yumnuggets:
(or garden gnome droppings, because that's what they reminded me of when I made them)

* 1 cup carob buds (I used sugarless ones from a health shop because I didn't want them ending up too sickly)
* 2-3 teaspoons honey
* 3 teaspoons cocoa powder
* 1/2 cup candied orange & lemon zest
* dash orange essence
* 1 dessertspoon plain vegetable oil or melted copha (if needed)

Melt the carob buds in a dish standing in hot (not boiling) water, and mix in the honey & cocoa. Some carob buds take a long time to melt, and will go to the consistency of thick biscuit dough when it does. If this happens, add in the oil or copha. Mix in the zest & essence, take off the heat and use a teaspoon to measure out & shape the nuggets. Set in the fridge (btw they can be frozen, and eaten straight from the freezer). If yours turn out darker than mine, just use photoshop ;p

Disclaimer: This image is not for profit & no money is being made from it. Any resemblance in this image and/or its text to an existing commercial brand or copyrighted media character is coincidental and not intended to infringe any existing copyrights or to do any other harm.
Tremillian Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
I like your entry. I might actually try to make some of that astroecstasy for halloween. Where can you get the space dust candy? Is it available in the U.S.?
ghost-eye Featured By Owner Oct 23, 2010
It should be - it's the same kind of candy that pop rocks are made of (except a lot finer), so you should have a chance of finding some if you look for anything that says crackling candy in the baking section of any good supermarket, usually where the essences/cake sprinkles etc are. Not all stores may stock it, so you may have to look around (or get it online). The brand I used was Cottees Star Dust Sprinkles: [link]

The candy was still a bit sticky for a while, and I wouldn't count on them keeping the crackle for too long so they'd be best for a spread where they'd be used up quickly rather than trick or treating. If you want them to be more resilient & keep the crackle a lot longer you could probably mix the stardust in melted white chocolate, then dip the ufos into that - though that might also make them taste weird unless you add a really strong fruit or honey flavour (I know how ufos in dark chocolate tasted from a failed experiment). It's worth playing with to see what turns out best.
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