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Candy Mania For Fun Entry by ghost-eye Candy Mania For Fun Entry by ghost-eye
A "for fun" only entry I've put in for the Seventh Sanctum Candy Mania contest that's currently running. This was a challenge I didn't want to let pass without doing something about it :D . The results I picked to use in this entry are: Crazy Boombiscuits, CocoaApricot Bombs and Cocoalumps.

I also decided to recycle an old character who got a passing mention in a previous contest entry I did, - "Rampart the echidna - the confused, blue-coloured noblewoman." (from the anthro mascot generator, and this actually use her for a mascot for this "brand". So this is an ad for "Lady Rampart's Crazy Boombiscuits" (along with her new Cocoalumps and CocoaApricot Bombs). And she's definitely not Sonic**.

& yes, these candies are real, and yes I made them up. Since they're part of this entry, I'll include recipes below for all three:

:bulletblue: Crazy Boombiscuits:

(not technically biscuits I know, but I'll use some Artistic Licence as they're roundish, flattish & crunchy enough to vaguely pass for them)

* 1 cup fruit & nut muesli
* 1/3 cup chopped dried apricots
* 3 X 5.5 gram sachets of that crackly space dust candy (about 3 teaspoons)
* 3 teaspoons cocoa powder (plain, unsweetened)
* 3 tablespoons hazelnut meal
* 1 cup milk choc bits
* 12 squares from a block of milk hazelnut chocolate
* 20 squares from a block of dark almond chocolate (it sounds a lot of chocolate, but you'll need that much to coat the muesli)

Melt & mix the chocolates together (I used a ceramic rice bowl sitting in an deep electric frypan set to low so the water was hot but not boiling). When the chocolate has fully melted, measure and mix all the dry ingredients. Add the chocolate to them, mix thoroughly (and quickly), spoon out dessertspoonfuls onto baking paper over a tray, then put into the fridge to set. Makes 11.

(Note 1: for the diet conscious I also did a rough kilojoule count, based on the nutritional information on the ingredients and how much I used - each biscuit would be roughly 1,200 kj if divided into a set of 11 - about as much as an average medium-sized chocolate bar - so one per sitting is plenty unless you generally spend most days hoisting logs or doing pushups in sub-zero weather)

:bulletblue: CocoaApricot Bombs:

(these are a bit fiddly, unless your really good with chocolate dipping expect a lot to come out looking like the leftovers of a muddy backyard tomcat-neutering spree, if you know what I mean)

* Enough marzipan to cut into 8 X 1cm cubes, plus some extra marzipan.
* 1 teaspoon port wine jelly crystals
* 1 5.5 gram sachet of space dust candy (about 1 teaspoon)
* 1 dessertspoon chopped, dried apricots
* 1 teaspoon cocoa powder (plain, unsweetened)
* 1/3 cup milk choc bits

Melt the chocolate, and mix in the cocoa powder. Cut the marzipan into 1 cm cubes, and in another dish, mix the jelly crystals and space dust candy.

Dip the marzipan into the jelly crystal/space dust mix, knead and roll into balls, then flatten them out. Take 2-3 pieces of the chopped apricot, dip well in the space dust mix, put in the centre of the flattened marzipan, then roll the marzipan back over so it makes a ball. Repeat until you have 8 of these, then roll out the extra marzipan to make little fuses for them.

Make a small hole in each bomb, stick the 'fuse' in, roll again in the space dust mix, then dip in the chocolate. Stand fuse-up on baking paper over a tray, put in a fridge to set. If you think you have enough chocolate to make a few more, cut up some more marzipan & go for it.

:bulletblue: Cocoalumps:

* 1/2 cup chopped, dried apricots
* 1 teaspoon port wine jelly crystals
* 1 sachet space dust candy (about 1 teaspoon)
* 1 teaspoon cocoa powder (plain, unsweetened)
* 1/2 cup milk choc bits

Melt the chocolate, mix in the cocoa powder, then the apricots, then the jelly crystals and space dust. Spoon out in teaspoonfuls onto baking paper over a tray, put in the fridge to set.

Brought to you by the above ingredients, a borrowed camera, Photoshop 2 & ArtRage2. All under a creative commons license, so make, improvise & improve as you will.

** (Note 2: This image is not for profit & no money is being made from it. Any resemblance in this image to an existing commercial brand or copyrighted media character is coincidental and not intended to infringe any existing copyrights or do any other harm. Iow, I'm covering my rear.
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